QASH/USD - Descending wedge coming to critical point

On the Daily QASH/USD chart we can see that QASH has been trading underneath a descending trend line but has been supported numerous times by the 50c mark, dropping below it only briefly for a couple of days in mid march but being quickly buoyed up again.

The descending trend line and the bottom support are converging and so now is a good time to watch for a breakout.....

If it carries on behaving the way it has been then the lines should converge around the 17th April...... a breakout to the upside of the descending trend line might indicate a bull run which is due considering the progress the team is making on the project (World-Book in late stages of testing, LIQUID platform about to launch and merge Qryptos and Quoinex into one and connect 17 exchanges around the world for greater liquidity in the market)......but a breakout and confirmation below the support level will indicate further price down trend.

I chose the descending trend line start point just after the alt-coin summer as i believe that the alt-coin summer (and the BTC rise of December, if dealing with BTC charts) don't count towards current market conditions due to the fact that those times were abnormal market conditions.......

So in conclusion, we are trading fairly close to the bottom of the descending trend line and could easily breakout above it and see a rise of 190% (the height of the back of the triangle) though be absolutely sure that on the rise up there will be dips and down days. If someone wants to use fibonacci to show where the resistance levels would be that’s be great as I’m not too sure how to set that up (if i've set it right then it'd be cool to hear it from someone).

Thanks for reading....Thoughts, comments, opposing views and even criticisms are always welcome.
Bình luận: A Pretty good few days in the markets and we can see that QASH is trading above the downtrend line resistance..... if the next day candle closes without touching that level again i'm putting more money in
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: well if my charts are correct we are offically in a QASH bull market according to the daily chart.....

Qash has been following BTC but always seems to be a day or so behind which makes it pretty easy to trade in and out of however BTC has not confirmed the bull market on the daily chart just yet though it's looking like it will happen tomorrow or the next day
Totally agree. I hope 4 before eoy
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commondenom GiovanniDevoto
@GiovanniDevoto, i expect big things
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