QTUM/BTC - 120% Potential Movement (UPDATE)

BITTREX:QTUMBTC   Qtum / Bitcoin
Targets posted on my previous idea.

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Hello, would you care for an update on this idea please?

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It is happening! hopefully it will reach the above mentioned targets.

Thanks Fadhala!
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@upenka, Yes its happening !
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Volume is very low, I don't see this happening, but in for the ride anyway!
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Thx man, waiting the breakout.
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If trading against the dollar, how to calculate the targets? Simply multiply?
Then: Target 1 ≈ 76$
Target 2 ≈ 125$
Is it right?
Thanks for the answer!
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kdjfero PRO MishaFrants
@MishaFrants, I don't think you can do that. This is against bitcoin so what if the price of bitcoin goes down? That way, the ratio against qtum goes up (assuming btc does not take qtum down with it) but your USD value of that stash remains the same.
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kxiong0613 kdjfero
@kdjfero, I'm fairly new at this but wouldn't people want to invest in altcoins when btc goes down and then dump alts when btc goes up??? That's what i thought people would do to keep their money from going down.
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XmOkEy kxiong0613
@kxiong0613, That story is getting old mate. BTC only has a 33% market cap dominance atm so those alt dumps when BTC is going up won't happen as much and as pronounced. The crypto market is changing as the mainstream buyers are coming in now.
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kdjfero PRO kxiong0613
@kxiong0613, depends how fast btc is going up or down. If btc dumps, everything usually dumps with it save for a few coins - switching to alts won't save you. The ratio might stay within a range but USD value of your stash will go down. If btc shoots up, alts usually go down as money flows into btc which destroys the ratio, so yh switching to btc makes sense in this case. But if btc's move up or down is within its volatility threshold, then alts do their own thing and the ratio usually improves in favour of the alt. But what the reply was meant to say is that one cannot project a target for x/usd based on x/btc ratio. Those are two different things.
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