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RADS: The Sleeping Giant

POLONIEX:RADSBTC   Radium / Bitcoin
Rads is the embodiment of a "sleeping giant". It mainly competes with factom and civic, but has a market cap 10x less (just 15 million). It has a low supply and a low inflation rate.

Many of you have not heard of Rads... this is a good thing.

Technically, it is sitting on VPVR support (a major demand zone ), and it has seen significant downside. Sellers should become exhausted around this point.

For more information on Rads, you can check here:





Development is very active and over half the supply is currently staking off market. You can see that there is not much resistance on the sell side, so very small buying activity should push Rads up significantly.

Overview: Radium is a verification software and protocol that allows businesses and the like to ensure the validity of any transaction, file, etc .

According to Justin Jacobeen, founder of Radium, “The idea behind Radium is that everyone uses blockchains mostly for financial transactions, that is what Bitcoin is based on, that is what I would say 90% of what other coins do. But the very core of how a blockchain works, financial transactions are just information, just data, and what Radium figured is, why don’t we look at putting some other stuff into the blockchain? It doesn’t have to be a financial transaction. Why don’t we put other information, say the identity of another individual?Or why don’t we put in the information regarding like say the Hash of a file? Everyone is pretty familiar with how blockchains and financial records work. You send some Bitcoin , its incredibly hard to change that record in the blockchain because of either the proof of work requirement or the proof of stake requirement. But not we have leveraged that same security, and added that to an identity. So that if you were to receive a file, or something, you could look up that identity in the blockchain and have the same sort of confidence, that the information you are looking at, is valid, that you would as though you were looking at a Bitcoin or some other financial based transaction.”
Radium currently offers two products: SmartChain Verify and Radium Core
Bình luận: https://twitter.com/RadiumCore/status/85...

Infographic of RADS vs. Factom
Bình luận:

Looks really good... we just need to breach this trend line with force and hodl the door.
Bình luận: ~ 5k more blocks until the $Rads block reward decreases from .75 to .50. This is about 3-4 days.

Bình luận: At this point, Rads will have a supply of ~3.3million with an inflation of ~22k new coins per month.
6 months after this, Rads will have a supply of ~3.4-3.5 million and will reduce block rewards to .25. This will result in ~11k new coins per month from this point forward.

Bình luận:

This should be a good time to buy as we retest the trendline
Bình luận:

Extreme compression on the 3D bbands... volume profile looks good. We have news coming in the next week. Time to move.
Please update
Phản hồi
seems your giant heart stopped beating :D:D Im waging if buy now or this one will give up entirely
Phản hồi
what indicators are these? besides being sort of beautiful, i'm wondering which TAs DBT1033 is looking at...
Phản hồi

and VPVR
Phản hồi
mrcn dbt1033
very much appreciated @dbt1033 - learning a few things from you. best wishes ;;
+1 Phản hồi
@mrcn, No problem... good luck!
Phản hồi
What's the sell off point from this level, x100?
Phản hồi
no more Decred ? thanks
Phản hồi
dbt1033 SamHuynh
@SamHuynh, Decred has already been awaken
Phản hồi
I thought Decred was the Sleeping Giant. Is RADS the SG #2?
Phản hồi
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