simple crack Trade

here is my next Idea I will share, just waiting for the price of this pair to migrate into the purple colored area, after it does, will take the trade when is leaves this area back to the middle of the chart.
if we come out of the bottom back towards the middle will be going long RB contract with 30 plus days to end of contract term, and shorting the CL contract of same time duration of the RB .
I will do this pair in a 1 to 1 ratio, even though the RB contract is $20,00 approx higher notional value, it should track pretty good.
Caution: cash intensive trade and can see large draw down as we wait for it to work, so only use cash that you can afford to tie up for a long time, and be wearing your big person pants!!
Bình luận: time to watch this trade as we move into the purple, and will now look for the entry, not saying i am entering will start to watch
Bình luận: Had you followed the instructions this trade is now in profit. good job for all that followed!

I will not let this slip into negative now,
Bình luận: fantastic, take some off, or trail it, but trail mentally
Bình luận: big winner, keep trailing
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