RDD huge potential for 800%

BITTREX:RDDBTC   ReddCoin / Bitcoin


Reddcoin is the social currency that enriches people’s social lives and makes digital currency easy for the general public. Reddcoin achieves this by integrating a digital currency platform seamlessly with all major social networks to make the process of sending and receiving money fun and rewarding for everyone.

This is going to huge before Mark Zuckerberg brings in a coin for Social media. Currently, it is a rumour. Time would tell.

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Watching this coin for a month now, Good volume . I am long from around 35 levels, I thought it wnot wake up after John Mcaffee call. As soon as he gave a call, it was pumped to 185 ( ATH             ) and dumped to 60 levels. I thought it is gone case, but it is really surviving. Back to 140. So I am happy to recommend this coin, even if it falls it would come back.

Entry : 140

Target :
200 (Fib levels 1)
323 (Fib levels 1.618)
523 (Fib levels 2.618)
633 (Fib levels 3.618)
933 (Fib levels 4.618)

I personally bought 400k coins, will exit 200k coins at 200 levels and leave the remaining to $1 value. As of now, it is at 0.01$, yes 100X.

You can exit as you like. Resistance would be seen at every levels.

Our previous Members only analysis


Bình luận: 2 questions?

How many of you invested in this?

How many of you missed this?

Members are on long from 90-100 levels
Bình luận: A 90 BTC sell wall on Bittrex is being absorbed slowly. Moving towards

Target 1: 200
Bình luận: have your own stop-loss if you are short-term trader.
Bình luận: have that was panic selling to 145, did anyone buy it?
Bình luận: RDD is back to our trading price, 200 is very strong which pushed the price back to our levels and BTC price fall also another reason.


The support zone should hold as it was tested in the past. Break below, we would head to 115. So you know the stop loss.
Bình luận: time to add more RED.


setup is very good, going to break out soon.
Bình luận: We are moving here.

190 was resisted heavily and pushed the price to 135, ie., our buy area. with 126-135 holding well, we have hit 147
Bình luận: BTC crash pulled RDD as well.

We have touched around 90 and bounced back, whoever bought at 90, they made 40% profit already.

Whoever holding (including me) hold well. We are back to our buyin range, once it breaks 126-135 levels then it will start mooning.
i bought 700k rdd on 135sat, will waiting 1000-1500sat. long way.
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maheswar81 PRO MaksymAnatolievich
@MaksymAnatolievich, I would recommend to book profit slowly at each interval like once it reaches 100%, take your capital out and leave the profit there.
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@maheswar81, ok, thx, but i believe in this coin, it can make easy x5-x10
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maheswar81 PRO MaksymAnatolievich

Yes, but golden rule is take the capital out.
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@maheswar81, yes-yes, i know...
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kwarty maheswar81
@maheswar81, I learned from you this one and will keep on this))) Could you please to make some rules for beginners like me? Thank you!
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@kwarty, Key is take profits. We bought at 135 and reached 190, have we booked 25%? no. Key is to book profits.
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kwarty maheswar81
@maheswar81, you understand me in another way. I want to say if you have an opportunity to make to your subscribers (followers) like me to give the list of rules that you follow since you are trading))) some trading lifehacks, please)))
Phản hồi
@kwarty, sure
will share a trading plan.
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kwarty maheswar81
@maheswar81, Thank you!
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