very hard to see what's happening in this one. Love your work, just pointing out something that might help :)
Phản hồi
Plague255 kitkat16
@kitkat16, I think it presumes 5th wave 254 sats, not any other rocket science. Just guessing :)
+1 Phản hồi
kitkat16 Plague255
@Plague255, yes I know, but there's too much going on. I'm just trying to help him out with some feedback. Some noobies would see this and all the layers and click close immediately lol. He's awesome at charting and more viewers is what he deserves is all :)
Phản hồi
@kitkat16, Thank you for that feedback. My charting is not made to be "dumned-down"...out of respect for all of you. I will have different style charts coming out very soon... Some detailed and others very simple. Some will only be posted on my new twitter account, @Juni0rLancaster, so that my true fans will always be up to date. I want everyone to be happy with my work, and successful in using it, so I welcome all of your criticism and recommendations...happy trading everyone. I love you all!
Phản hồi
kitkat16 BTCookieMonster
@BTCookieMonster, nothing but love here either mate! Really appreciate your work, following your twitter now too!
Phản hồi
@kitkat16, thank you!
Phản hồi
shall we buy
Phản hồi
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