RDD 2H Update Attempted Breakout Big Gains Long Term

BITTREX:RDDBTC   ReddCoin / Bitcoin
Briefly crossing 152 to 155 I felt this may be the breakout point. After a failed attempt the price keeps falling to 142 where a fairly solid support line has formed. Moving sideways in the cloud there is a ascending triangle forming towards the resistance line. Look for the price to move up if it stays above the 142 and crosses out of the cloud at the 152 resistance line. BTC             needs to remain in a horizontal channel for the next few days to avoid disrupting a move. I anticipate this move up in the next 12 - 48 hours. Be patient as this trade will take time to develop again. We have had 4 days of consolidation since the last trend reversal. The more consolidation time the greater the move upon breakout. Stoch RSI , Volume , EMA and the cloud all indiacte continued conolidation for the time stated above. Once breakout finally occurs I look to the targets set in my previous charts for guidance. I am including the points again for a reference.

Entry Point .00000095 to .00000110
2) Target .00000125 (.382 FIB)
3) Target .00000153 (.236 FIB) Take Profit 50%
4) Target .00000179 Take Profit 25%
5) Target .00000197 (0 FIB) Take Profit 25% (House Money Now)
6) Target .00000198 Heading to Blue Sky

Stop Loss .00000066 30% +/-
Close trade at .00000153 for 50% Gain

New Investors
Entry Point .00000142
2) Target .00000156 (.618 FIB)
3) Target .00000173 (.786 FIB) Take Profit 20%
4) Target .00000195 (1 FIB) Take Profit 20% Heading to Blue Sky
5) Target .00000257 (1.618 FIB) Take Profit 20%
6) Target .00000284 Take Profit 40% (House Money Now)
6) Target .00000358 (2.68 FIB)

Remember to evaluate using your risk model and trading plan. This is a short term/ longterm trade. Patience is the Key! As always I will follow this trade and update it along the way!
Bình luận: Looks like we have possibly held at the 132/133 mark which has been a support and resistance line in the past for this coin. Lets see it this gets us back on track for this coin.
lets hope, im hodling till 240ish sats
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vthokiee97 PRO OfficiallyBrady
@OfficiallyBrady, yes that will be a good run. I think it will get there. Just be patient.
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@vthokiee97, yes sir
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Phản hồi
Thank you for your post i am following your trade. Can you give an update? if broke the trendline
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@asynat, hasnt broken trend line. Well know in about 4 hours..... if it bounces off trend line.. we are good
Phản hồi
vthokiee97 PRO JasonChahine
@JasonChahine, yes looks like its trying to move up from the line.
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