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REDDCOIN - CHEAPEST COIN - Buy in before increase of up to 200%

BITTREX:RDDUSD   ReddCoin / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Simple prediction. Reddcoin looks as if it can meet a price above .001 some time soon. Generic demand, excitement from false hype and FOMO will generate enough attention to spike prices in the market. Research still needs to be done on my part to see in Reddcoin even has valid technology to be held as a stable and valuable currency. If you know anything useful shoot me a message.
Bình luận: We made it!
this spike was ridiculous!
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@jkw, I expected it to take days to reach .01 never thought it would rise that fast
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Nice predictions! Hope its C. Redd-ID about to be released very soon. Their Twitter page is very active. Looking bright for Redd Coin. TY.
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