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RDD (Redd Coin) +60% target $0.043 in 24 hours

BITTREX:RDDUSD   ReddCoin / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Markets have been weird the last couple days. I've made a bundle and lost even more by holding too long, then moving to something I expected would bounce and it fell (QTUM for example).

RDD appears to have some great growth going for the past weeks and the last 3 rallies look decent.

However, I've taken into consideration that the previous rallies show at 15% reduction in the gain of each rally, diminishing returns. I think it will still move positive another 60% from where we are, but it will first fall to around $0.023 cents before it bounces for the rally. So if you buy low at $0.023 or $0.025ish, then you'll see the full +91% growth once we reach the target. If you HODL from this position, I expect you'll see closer to +60%.

Bitcoin seems to be pushing higher and I feel that the market is building since all of the alt coins have been down for the last few days. We had a few good rallies, but I think the pressure is building, more cash is coming into the market now that the holidays are over and given sufficient time, all of the coins will start to see aggressive growth again. Could take a week, could take a month, but I feel the pressure is building and we must just "wait for it".

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Lol i came accross only one prediction that worked.. man you are the worst technical analyst guy i ve seen in my entire life :D why do you say grow X in Y days if its 99% wrong?
you are just looking to increase your followers?
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I appreciate your work but i want to point out With respect that your prediction is going wrong.
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chowells776 abhishekbiyani8
@abhishekbiyani8, it's a prediction not clairvoyance
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Ive been in and out of this coin from beginning c
urrently in
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Great chart....thoughts on long term for this coin to reach .25 cents? 10-12 months ?
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I appreciate you are sincere and admit you lost, too (like QTUM). I am glad I follow you and start to understand what you actually mean. Only after following you for some time and going through it with you (investing in XVG, SC) and not having the gains in some cases (but only in some of them) I can sense what to consider and what not. E.g. when you see QTUM bullish formation and I look at the graph and can dispute it has not formed really well then I do not jump into it. But that it is probably better to discuss there in the QTUM post.
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@MAZEM, Definitely. The thing about trade analysis is that there are no certainties, no guarantees. If it were that easy, everyone would be a millionaire and we'd all be broke at the same time (hyperinflation from free money).

I chart what I see and try to predict the future. I do not have a time machine. :-)

I'd like to read up more on the different types of formations we see and the probability that they will come through. I know that some of these formations may have a 60-80% success rate at approaching or meeting a target and sometimes we lose and lose big.

I cleared many of my diversified funds and moved them into 2 trades, one of them was QTUM. It was great for a while, then I lost a lot in a short time. Thankfully I wasn't leveraged or I'd have been margin called (again). Margin call sucks... don't get a margin call.
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MAZEM Tin.Foil
@Tin.Foil, exactly, I take it as POTENTIAL opportunities. Pretty good practice is to follow the behaviour of the coin after entering a position (poor guy from the comments on some other idea that went to sleep).

The margin trading is trading with borrowed money.. Would we borrow in real life? Ok, it's not 100% only borrowed, it's a margin actually, but the principle stays the same and applies unmercifully when forcing liquidity happens.

I also changed from diversified to a few (to only XMR, XRP, SC, BTC) so that I can mentally track what is happening with it. Unfortunately, due to security reasons, I have to diversify between more exchanges so the difficulty of keeping track is back again. Today, I am trying Coinigy that gathers many exchanges into one. Tracking balances is fine, but placing and syncing orders with bittrex does not work well. It has the tradingview chart, which is awesome, but it does not allow setting trailing stops, maybe not even stop limits. And I have not found anything better.
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looks good, like the idea, hodl
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