BITTREX:SBDUSD   SteemDollars / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
SBD is looking very bullish and seems as if it has nowhere else for it to go but UP!
Nothing is 100% of course but I believe this downward pointing triangle can really be the end of this lengthy correction we have been sitting on for far too long.

Good luck everyone!
Bình luận: I meant to say Symmetrical Triangle. Not downward pointing!
Sorry guys!
broke support line
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phew I was worried we'd breach the earlier wave bottom. Woohoo! Only way is up now :D
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Cryptosuf kitkat16
@kitkat16, YEEEEEEEES!

did you see XVG???? Damn!
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I found you on trading view! woohoo looks brilliant! following and liking! Will like everything when I get up tomorrow.
Gave you a plug on Haejin's SBD post in the comments lol.
Thanks again for the analysis mate.
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kitkat16 kitkat16

PS. do the prices correlate to the BTC chart? Like if we wanna scalp at end of wave 1, do I just set my sell order for the current BTC equivalent of $13.80 or what would be best method?
Cheers Suf!
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Cryptosuf kitkat16
@kitkat16, hey man sorry for the late reply! I think I understand you right.
Basically what I do is USUALLY I trade using USDT .... IF I see BTC about to rise and my coin is doing rising. I will jump into BTC for it.

OR, if BTC isn't rising I will get into USDT.
USDT is actually my Go-to. But if I know BTC is going up in the back of my head I will consider jumping in that.

Now to answer that second part... I have no clue lol. Yes and No kinda.... the BTC chart may be very different than the USDT chart because the price of SBD stays constant while the 2 other currencies will change.

I really cant even answer that part.

What I do is, IF I want BTC I would look at the SBD/USDT chart. IF its the top of the wav on the SBD/USDT chart I would sell.
Because if you notice, the /BTC pair is not the same chart. It can look like its going up but in fact over USD it can be going down and vise versa.

Of course IF you decide to base your portfolio over BTC then all that matters is acquiring more BTC.... but it all depends on the person. I prefer to measure my progress over USD

I hope this helped
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kitkat16 Cryptosuf
@Cryptosuf, hey bud, thanks for the detailed reply.
So the USD/SBD chart is the one you use? (I couldn't find USDT so I assumed you just use USD chart as your USDT guide).

So when you want to sell the top of the waves on the USD chart, you sell them into BTC and then transfer it immediately to USDT?
Thanks again!
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Cryptosuf kitkat16
@kitkat16, yes Sometimes I do that, Sometimes I sell the coin for BTC then jump into another Alt that is about to pop off!
and lastly, Sometimes I sell for BTC and hold BTC.

:) thanks for all the support! It really means a lot to me
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kitkat16 Cryptosuf
@Cryptosuf, sorry for all the questions mate, just wanted to confirm that you use the USD chart for USDT/alt coin comparisons? I get the idea of USDT being a bit more stable. Holding it in USDT till BTC drops, then jump in btc for profit etc..

Back to my USDT question, is there an exchange that offers things like Bitshares and SBD vs USDT or you are just using the USD chart as the guide?

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kitkat16 kitkat16
@kitkat16, forgot to say thanks!
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