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SNT/USD Correction Finished?

BITFINEX:SNTUSD   Status / Dollar
Do we have a correct symmetrical triangle pattern? Could this be our next target? As usual I'm not telling you to follow me on this idea, I am just posting this idea to get constructive feedback on my learning path. Thank you and good luck on your journey.
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: A lot happened in the past few days, the market had a huge correction and this forecast didn't happened but now it is on its way back up.
1st target : $0.55
2nd target : $0.67
Good luck.
Giao dịch được đóng thủ công: Market Closed the trade.
Thank you for the analysis. Do you have a long term projection in mind as well? Like Stanpantel I'm a starter too. Made a lot of mistakes last year, wasn't gaining but wasn't loosing either. Changed my way of investing: picking 'smaller' coins when they are just added to the Exchange. Like SNT, stepped in at 0,14. So if there is a positive longterm idea I think I might keep this one for as long as needed. Thanks again!
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MedinTrade Gaengphed
@Gaengphed, Hi, I am more of a rookie than you, I wish I board the Crypto train a year ago, I started only a little over a month ago. As for your question if you entered at .14 and want to keep long term, you are safe, you will only be in profit (you can also sell highs and buy dips but that would be greedy ;)). I can't tell you how high SNT (if you asked people where BTC was heading just 6 months ago...) will go but the project is good, a lot of "useful" apps linked to it. All the teams behind each app seem legit, it will really just depend on how much general public will adopt the all blockchain technologie and actually USE it. I see SNT reaching $1.5 - $3 easily. Again, I am just starting in Crypto so that is just my 0.0000002 BTC ;)
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Hi @MedinTrade,
I am also still learning but my observations are similar with yours. I either believe your idea is in place or that the correction should finish within several hours (where the price may drop down to .42). Then the price should start going up.. probably to around .90. Please mind I'm a total rookie yet and trusting me is not the best choise you might have. Good luck!
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MedinTrade stanpantel
@stanpantel, AHAH, don't worry I'm same as you I think. I just want people feedback to see where I stand, I agree with you, if doesn't break the triangle up it will probably go down. I have a buy limit @ $0.55. I'm not putting a lot of money in trading yet, so I had to sold 1 LTC to put that order, I should had wait to reach my target on LTC 1st, only one LTC made it to the $280 target ( did you see my idea on LTC). Anyway, thank you for your input and I hope to see you along the ride :)
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stanpantel MedinTrade
@MedinTrade, :) .55 is to be reached soon .. hopefully :D The base line of Ichi is starting to raise now (on the 15" candle) and this is a good indicatior. Fingers srossed!
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