Over the last 5 years, Spectur has been involved in a process of constant development. Our wireless security camera design is the result of millions of hours of real-world experience, in one of the world’s most hostile and arid environments

Spectur hit the ASX with a bang in August this year so is still very much in their infancy as a publicly listed although as a solar CCTV company they have over 5 years of experience.

The 20c initial public offering was in hot demand with the share price hitting 53c on the second day of trading, since then the price drifted back to a low of 25c before the recent interest.

An update by the company has been met with solid interest driving the SP back to around 30c which I believe will form a new base. The companies quarterly report should make for positive reading and with the majority of shares now in very tight hands there is a strong possibility that this could move north quite quickly.

Prom a chart perspective this move from base could do with another few days to consolidate before moving into the next resistance point at around 41c.

While personally this is a fundamental holding based on expected growth there appears to be a high probability trade available between current pricing and 41c, the recent uptick in volume suggests others also see this as undervalued.

Should the secondary resistance point break there is a strong possibility that the all time high will be challenged at 53c
Bình luận: +29% from pseudo entry (was set at IPO 20c), breached secondary resistance perhaps a little too quickly due to low supply, may need to consolidate for a week or two before pushing further
Bình luận: A week or 4 it seems....

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