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Spread coin possible 100% gain

BITTREX:SPRBTC   SpreadCoin / Bitcoin
( SPR ) Spreadcoin is preparing for Hard Fork on 31.1. at 0:00 UTC . Anyone who at that time will hold Spreadcoin ( SPR ) will receive BitcoinSpread for free. BitcoinSpread is a new currency that claims to be more decentralized than Bitcoin . Total Supply There will be 20 million Coins. This coin is usually compared to ZCL - not a property, but a means of earning. See if it will make such progress. Anyway, Spreadcoin's coin in circulation is just under 10mil. (Information found)

Now people love free money so I have a target at 0.0003 for this but trade at your own risk this is not based on TA just information based on the hardfork. One to keep an eye on leading up to this date.
hey, how do you think is there opportunity to gain new ATH for the spr?
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