S&P 500 Index: SPX Longer Term Gann Cycles - Cycle High and Low

SP:SPX   Chỉ báo S&P 500
SandP 500 Index Longer Term Gann Time Cycles
Probably the greatest trader who ever lived, WD             Gann , taught us to measure time cycles - from high to low and low
to high as well as high to high and low to low - and look for potential changes in trend as these hiddden cycles tend
to repeat themselves down through time. Previous cycle highs identified the exact date of the high in 2007 as well as
the subsequent high reached in April 2015 just at the point that markets began a 10 month 20+% correction (for more
details please PM) . This current cycle marks the period from 20.03.00 high (as Internet v1 peaked) through to the next
major cycle low on 06.03.09. From major cycle high to low is 9 years, almost exactly...which now brings us, after a 9 year
long bull run, to the coming 23 to 27 days, culminating in the anniversary dates between 3rd march and 10th March 2018...
So if the lows of last week are broken on Monday we can most likely expect the decline to last for the next 23 to 27 days,
culminating in a major cycle low between 3rd and 10th March 2018. Major markets have a challenging 23 to 27 days ahead
of them. Time is piling up. If the SandP breaks below 2525 and holds below here by Monday's close we can expect further pressure on markets until we reach the anniversary dates. It will be interesting to see if Gann's great cycles remain as accurate now as they have done
in the past. As always, time itself will tell us that answer. In fact Monday will.
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