Looks lije they are trying to rally this Bish

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After a 12% loss this year ( do the math it is not a 4% correction this year) we are in the very begging of an effort to take it up. We ended yesterday in a Bullish Harami candletick pattern, and overnight Asia created an EW diamond pattern, to go down, but it really makes Americans mad when Asia takes our ES ( SP-500 Futures ) down, so in a predictable pattern we are, at the moment taking it back up... We have 5 waves down in the EW daily candlestick pattern. This could be the start of an ABC correction to the upside.

Many don't believe in EW ( elliot wave ) patterns anymore, and understandably because the Bilderbertgs (ultra Billionaires, Brokers, Analysts, Bankers, Politicians, and Bilderberg mouthpieces like Jim Cramer) those who own the Gambling Casino have not allowed a decent correction since Obama took office. Th landscape is littered with the bodies of Elliotitions who predicted a correction, all the way up to where the SP-500 average share price was over 600 times earnings .

Still though... even though the Market can be artificially propped up as long as they want, sooner or later you have to pay the piper... And those EW patterns are still there in all time frames in all charts.
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