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TVC:SPX   Chỉ số S&P 500
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Hi all,

A steady and healthy up-trend for the S&P . My first or main e.w. count locates price in intermediate wave 3 yellow of primary wave 5 red of cycle wave 3 purple.

Primary wave 2 red unfolds as a running flat and completes at 23.6% retracement of wave 1 right after establishing a clear motive structure downward labelled at minor degree blue. Like the DAX30 , the structural wave count for the running flat fails to meet the criteria, however the exception is made once again as for its ideal look and a clear 5 count for wave c.

Primary wave 3 red was very complex as for the few extreme fluctuations, it made it more difficult to count. Therefore Primary wave 3 can be labelled whichever way. However I have chosen to see an extensions within an extension because not only is it a guideline and expected, but several reactionary waves found support at 0.618% retracement level suggesting motive structure at one lesser degrees.

Primary wave 4 red has unfolded as a simple zig zag . The correction is different to wave 2 in terms of form, depth and duration.

It is possible that price may be in the early stages of forming a contracting diagonal whereby intermediate waves 1 and 2 yellow would be relabelled A and B. This idea is plausible given the nature of waves 1 and 2 yellow to be unlike the traditional motive structure i.e. wave 2 doesn't meet the retracement guideline. However if it is then we will anticipate that intermediate wave 4 manifests differently in terms of form, depth and/or duration.


Confirmation = 2131
Invalidation = 1807
Target 1= 2355 (where primary 5 equals primary 1)
target 2 = 2459 (where primary 5 equals 0.618 x primary 3)
Bình luận: This wave count states that 1) primary 4 completed as a simple zig zag and 2) primary 5 should unfold as an ending contracting diagonal
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