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S&P 500 => The Big Short...?!

SP:SPX   Chỉ báo S&P 500
Hi guys,

Here we are looking at the S&P 500 . on a monthly candlestick chart..

As we all know, markets can't keep going up forever. Not even stock markets...
for the past 8-9 years (after the crash of '08) we made a gain of more then 300% and in the last year of it's bull run it made a real "blow-off top"!

everyone who follow the news a bit knows that the price of the S&P500 fell more then 300$ from it's top in just 2 weeks...
Now... You can listen to what the news has to say (and they denied it's a crash or gonna be a crash) and just follow there thought on a further pricerise ("it's just a small correction").

OR: you can look into it for yourself and find that almost all indicators are telling us there is more (bad) news coming...

- Is this bull trend sustainable?
- (for those who hold shares in the S&P500 ) Are there other places I could put my money in? ( gold , silver , cryptocurrencies,..)
- in case all stock crash.. how can I be smart and profit? And what about the folowing consequences? An(other) economic disaster?
- ...

WELL: We think going short on this one is a very smart and profitable way of getting yourself prepared for it.

on Youtube There is a guy named Mike maloney who can show you the very interesting insiders on wether it's going to crash...
I'll give you guys the link so you can watch it as well!


I entered the trade myself on monday the 5th of Februari.

I make this trading idea and oppertunity for you guys so you could see for yourself what the potential is..

HINT: I also made an extra sell order with LTC which I bought on monday with new entered money (not from my LTC on hold) at a price around $120/LTC, with a maximum loss of 10 LTC (my stop loss = $1200).
If you think LTC has more upward potential, this is a very nice trade! But it for sure has extra risk because you never know it might fall to Zero (be carefull).

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Profitable regards,

Mike Maloney on Youtube:
Bình luận: Make sure you enter trades. 1. 65% of total investment 2. 35% of total investment.
Bình luận: enter 2* trades
It'll stuck very hard.
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Strong bull runs like we have experienced over the last year are a very strong signal the bull market will continue for at least several years and many time indicate a very long term bullish trend for 10+ years. 2009, 2003, 1995, 1983, 1974, 1958, 1954, 1949, 1942.

Markets show extended sideways action and high volatility before crashes like in 2000 and 2008.

All long term indicators are also pointing towards a very strong bull market. Target 6500 S&P500 by 2021

Mike Maloney is full of baloney and recycles the same information year after year calling a crash like a broken record.

I think shorting is a terrible move right now. Very good opportunity to buy the dip, so many stocks have been irrationally sold to very cheap prices!

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Perspect Yogigolf
We'll see about that in a couple of weeks right. We both have our opinion right now, and i'm sure we'll stick with it...
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