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SPX Bubble Cross of Death

SP:SPX   Chỉ báo S&P 500
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As we are approaching closer towards the fall months and a new election cycle we see a tremendous amount of opportunity presenting itself in the global markets. The market is not going to collapse just yet, look for liquidity to be reached for above the market highs in 2015 before we head down to take out any traders that were previously short at the top of the market. This will run stop losses above the market place allowing for smart money to sell those buys, when the stops are run look for all major markets to then break down into the fiat currency collapse, the start of the cashless society, and a new global currency. The DXY will reach for 1.05 - 1.07 before we head down for good. Precious metals, commodities , and bitcoin will go vertical once we print the top in the dollar index ( DXY ). Gold and Silver are always good ways to insure your wealth in these volatile and uncertain times if you are not an experienced trader.

Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia will sell treasures to influence this controlled collapse by the central planners and look for war to start with these countries into the late summer.
Bình luận: 1BTC/1,000,000USD
Comparing to history, either we are in 1926 leading to much higher prices or we are in the last major top in the 70's leading to a huge drop. Or s.th. in between :)
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but now we have computer and derivatives that can move in and out of trades 100,000 times a second. This will be like nothing the world has ever seen before
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mkgone2 yankees14011
Yes but those algos consider also consider past patterns ... interesting topic. I must work now the classic way.
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no they do not. they have buy and sell programs when they are permitted to by the central bank
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Update Gold $50,000+ ounce
Silver $1,000+ ounce
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Why are you expecting a new high if the cross happens when the market has already rolled over? ...Long term lower lows and lower highs and marjor crosses happening or developing as well.. Downward sloping trend lines. 7 year bull market,end of credit cycle ..What makes it go higher?
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liquidity above the marketplace. anyone that shorted in 2015, they will come back to run stops which then allows smart money to pair sell with those buy stops
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"...the start of the cashless society, and a new global currency"

Seems a bit excessive?

Anyways I agree with your assessment in market direction. I'm looking for that last wave up to new highs before the bear market truly begins.
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yankees14011 sonatine185
just calling it how i see it
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