SP:SPX   Chỉ báo S&P 500
Looking into further decline scenario
Bình luận: Nothing good ever came out of inflation and high interest rates. Indebted to the state and to the banks will squeal even louder as they are watching their principal debt go down in real terms while interest payments pushes them even harder against the wall of worry. In the world of global supply chain - energy and commodities are principally bought and sold in USD. So prices will rise from the bottom end followed by exponential rise in cost of semi finished and finished goods along the ladder of adding value on the way to final consumer. This is a self enforcing loop that is inherently dangerous and is best avoided. Goods and services will become more and more expensive at the point of delivery. So high inflation is caused by high interest rates and not the other way round. Income is taken away from working people - value of work is diminished. Equities will flip to the downside not to mention the value of money. In the process of moronization - sense, good judgment and morals went out of the window
Bình luận: SPX will flip on Tuesday the 13th
Bình luận: Yes. Median property prices will go down. Those with mortgages in currency they don't get paid in will suffer.
Bình luận: Tuesday 20/02/18 Entered 2/8Short@2720. Stoploss@2757. GL
Bình luận: Losing money as soon as I entered. This index needs to be fucked up. Badly.
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Phản hồi
always is haha, good shit brotha much appreciate it
Phản hồi
thanks for the heads up
Phản hồi
trajkovic TooTone03
@TooTone03, you are welcome, GL. Observe change in gradient. Should this trade materialize - expect massive 4h pins to the upside - this may end up as nerve-racking trade
Phản hồi
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