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US Market Meltdown: Turmoil on the Horizon

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An era of growth on paper has come to an end. Now is the time to go back to reality and for financial instruments to tank and reflect the value of actual productivity in the US. The US real economy has been stagnating while derivatives go crazy. Now derivatives will take short position and tank the market.
Bình luận: Cryptocurrencies are no safe haven. This is a good time for all Americans to reinvest into machinery, workers, and actual production and trade of goods into the economy. Until then, this will be painful for all paper investors, except the institutions that are short selling and stuffing, and have the capital to weather a long term bear market slog.
Bình luận: A weak economy will have very interesting implications, particularly in the social and political areas, as well as the international and global effects. Some of these problems swept under the rug have become more apparent. Whether the US as a nation can overcome them is up to speculation.
Bình luận: In the worst case scenario, the militaristic and hegemonic diplomatic choices of the US will lead to no nation coming to the aid of the US. The US has alienated EU allies. A rapidly developing Asia-Africa allied front will pose a significant competitor to US power. Within the US, political turmoil will result as part of economic disparity, government distrust, and corporate antagonism. A perfect storm. Buying when there is blood on the streets will be a matter of a knife catching competition to see who can bleed the most over long periods of time. If the US chooses to use increasing military action in response to its decline, then it will accelerate existential destruction of itself by blowback and creating more allied enemies. The US will become increasingly isolated as no nation can invade it, but the US will be unable to project its power. The best way for the US to earn its power is to restructure its economy and uplift all of its citizens to high standards of living through stable economic growth and reform its politics to a more egalitarian and meritocratic one through a hearts and minds strategy leading by example, not through Cold War mentality.
Bình luận: 3000: Growth
1800: Correction
1000: Recession
680: Depression
450: Panic
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Bình luận: UN Report of the Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights on his mission to the United States of America:
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