FX:SPX500   Chỉ số S&P 500 của cổ phiếu niêm yết tại Mỹ
If symmetrical triangle get confirmed with 4th wave, then we can see the fall of SPX500             to 2460.
Take reference of wave 1 and you have -210 points from 4th wave.
If you put a Fibonacci retracement from february 2016 to the top in January 2018, then you can see 0.618 Fibonacci fall in 2475 aprox.
Then there is two perspectives that talk about a new important drop.
FIRST, we need see the 4th wave complete and the clear formation of Symmetrical Triangle.

You can see spanish explanation here.
hahahaha grow up. If TA works all people are a billionaire.
Phản hồi
@isaac312, maybe Now is transforming in Wedge Ascendent Partner... Maybe not... I am losing so much money but I keep my puts options until see what will happen the next week. And may be will buy so much... See me falling to abysm!!! :( :)
Phản hồi
isaac312 PRO VladimirMendoza
@VladimirMendoza, sorry mate. I had been in that situation multiple times. Cheer up man. Time will pass no matter what and there will be an opprotunity comes. Just need to see why I was wrong; which is lack of fundamentals global macro and risk amangement. Successful hedge fund managers and traders winning ration is 55-60%. They make it by maximizing the profits and cut losers effectively. All about risk management. Keep that in mind.
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@isaac312, when you are losing. you must reduce exposures. Rule #1 in Goldman
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@isaac312, I already close positions... These were puts with target 2500, low cost (3 usd aprox each one). I lost 50% aprox.
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