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Ending contracting diagonal scenario, which would mean very nasty things to happen after the elections...

Price targets for Minor wave 5:
- 0,618 x Minor wave 3.
- 1,618 x Minor wave 4.
I really like how you go do detailed in wave counts to provide your analysis. Please note that it's highly appreciated. Can I request you to put in short or long positions on your charts, thereby enabling me to see your previous history and judge accurate of some wave counts. Having a position on the chart enables a novice like me to quickly ascertain after loading new bars if the chart is going red or green.
Thanks and best of luck trading.
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mikeoakster iamajeya
Hello. Thanks for your appreciation.
Regarding your request, I prefer not to publish my trading decisions because I consider TradingView not to be the appropriate place to do it, sorry. You can always press play... :-)
Taking this idea as an example, I could say I entered long near the end of what could be Minute wave e, but I don't see how that information would add value to the analysis. And I don't use take profit orders, I prefer trailing stops, so...
Take care. Cheers.
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hehe mikeoakster
HI Mike - #ED musT have a structure 3-3-3-3-3. GL!
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Hello, hehe. You're right, sorry for the basic mistake. Thanks.
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mikeoakster mikeoakster
Correcting the count:

In daily, an ongoing Contracting Ending Diagonal, with a Combination Flat+ZZ for Minor wave 4, ending around 38,2% of Minor wave 3, overlapping with Minor wave 1, being smaller than Minor wave 2, and alternating with the Expanded Flat of Minor wave 2:


In M15, Expanding Ending Diagonal for Minuette wave c of Minute wave y of Minor wave 4, with Minuette wave c being equal to Minuette wave a in time and ending around 61,8% of Minuette wave a, showing RSI bullish divergence (also verified in both H1 and H4 time frames):


Well, it's just an entry setup...
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mikeoakster mikeoakster

I'm correcting the Subminuette wave i count and updating the projection in face of what I consider to be a corrective structure developed since the most recent bottom:


And depending on this monday's close, I will consider changing the daily count as follows:

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