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SPDR S&P 500 ETF - Wyckoff Method - Distribution Schematic #1

I'm sure TV's program will scrunch up the cover photo. So, it is copied and pasted below for easier viewing and reading of text bubbles.

Here is a link to an image of Wyckoff Distribution Schematic #1 for comparison with this chart I've posted here in comments:

Here is a link with "basic" understanding of Wyckoff and his teachings:

Famous quote of Wyckoff:

”…all the fluctuations in the market and in all the various stocks should be studied as if they were the result of one man’s operations. Let us call him the Composite Man, who, in theory, sits behind the scenes and manipulates the stocks to your disadvantage if you do not understand the game as he plays it; and to your great profit if you do understand it.”

Wyckoff referred to them as the Composite Man. I refer to them as the "Composite Group."

WHO is the Composite Group? The Central Banks of the World.

A gentleman referred to as "Dave" in X22 Report is in agreement along the same lines as myself. However, I'm simply using Wyckoff Methods to reveal to "The Retail Trader" what the Composite Group has been up to.
Bình luận: Excellent Video at Greg Hunter's USA Watchdog Channel:

Bookmark his channel and watch it when you can.

Also, new "excellent" videos out today on X22 Report:
Bình luận: One thing I need to mention about the guy in the Greg Hunter video:

He mentioned "not" getting crypto because of an EMP attack of sorts by the Deep State. Knowing what I know about them wanting to create a Blockchain SDR and also in regards to going to a "cashless society," why would they destroy all devices with an EMP? Makes no sense. Think about it... How would people even use this "digital" and/or "blockchain" government currency they want to create? We wouldn't be able to use it. Period...

I'm also copying this comment in the other publication. So, if you're going over to the other to dee what I posted, it will be the same thing.
Bình luận: IMPORTANT UPDATE; NOT TO BE TAKEN LIGHTLY... More indication of correction to come in regards to 9 banks appearing to be in trouble, "According to IMF report."

I'm posting this in my other publication as well: DJI Average using Wyckoff. So, no need to go there if you came here first.
Bình luận: 17 minute video: The Markets are going to come down like a rock when it rolls over this time.

Cryptocurrency, Stocks, Gold & Silver: Things To Come In 2018 - Mike Maloney
Bình luận: I would not be surprised at all if we come down to about 240 this leg down then back up for a TEST OF SUPPLY before coming down again. Keep in mind this is a Monthly TF (Each candle is a period of one month for those who don't know).

Bình luận: Pay Attention to the GREEN TEXT BUBBLES:

Bình luận: "Oh Snap, What’s the Fed Hiding Now?"
Who is "Composite group"?
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@Jour, Central Banks across the world in league with governments they control through bribery.
Phản hồi
I think that the same as for SPX we can say for DAX.
Phản hồi

SPX looks very similar:

DAX looks very similar as well:
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Jour ProwdClown
@ProwdClown, well done
I agree.
But just one thing we need to take in account is, that the indexes long term always grow. Because of growing companies included in indexes. So, two things influence on the price of index. One is Internal value of bussineses and the other thing is evaluating of them.
Long term indexes always grow. For indexes maybe we need to evaluate Wyckoff in sydeways up schemes.
What do you think?

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If you're going to do FA (Fundamental Analysis), you MUST make sure you look at all the HARD data; NOT SOFT data. "Earnings" is an example of "SOFT" data. Companies can easily manipulate their "Earnings" reports with fancy accountant schemes. However, they cannot manipulate the following data: "sells" "revenue" "long term liabilities" "assets" ETC... ; which is HARD data. You MUST look at their HARD data. This takes serious time to go through each companies HARD data. I'm quite certain you will find MOST ALL companies are seriously hurting. Most are not hiring either except maybe in tech. However, jobs in tech is also slowing down.
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@Jour, I'm with Dave who believes all exchanges will DROP LIKE A ROCK this go around. This will not be a gradual decline when it rolls over. It may "appear" slow at first but then all of a sudden on morning a lot of people are going to wake up to news that the markets had to put a lock on all trading after it drops about 5%. Then, they'll open up the next day and it drops another 5% which makes them shut down trading once again before the end of the trading day. THEN panic will really set in and it will continue dropping. There will be a run on the banks around this time or shortly after the third day in a row of SERIOUS drop across ALL exchanges.
Phản hồi
@Jour, Do yourself a favor and watch that recent 17 minute episode of Dave on X22 Report I just provided a link to. Here it is again:
Phản hồi

By the way, Dave is NOT is real name. He is remaining anonymous as much as he can. His real name is Michael Huddleston. He's a multi-millionaire . He may be a billionaire by now. However, he does not trade near as much as he used to. He had a website that he took down. He took down all his videos on YouTube and Twitter as well. Why? to try to keep people from realizing it is him. Especially, if you were to compare voices. He's a libertarian, very successful financial analyst and father of two children with a wife in his late 40's. He feels he has made more than enough money than he will ever spend for HIS life style. He's now devoting his time trying to wake up people around the world of the mess it's in both politically, geopolitically, socially, financially and economically.
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