Stratis Massive %430 profit chance!

BITTREX:STRATBTC   Stratis / Bitcoin
Stratis is doing very good despit all the bad news out the i am very happy to have entered this coin very early

Time frame

4H & 8H


RSI looks bullish
MACD Bullish

Upward levels are as follows

TG1 1740
TG2 2090 (fib 0.782 very important level take some profit here)
TG3 2617 (watch out for beakout here)
TG4 3660 ( this should our long term target and we should take profit here looking for lower buyback levels)

for support

use 1000 - 1300 range is very powerful support level

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BTC== 1MJCvuqj9TJ98aR54Tp1LY6wHrMRW14B9g
sorry so the targets are 174151 at the 4 hour and 20992 at the 8 hour?
Appreciate your work, been following you for a while but finally got some funds freed up to try this one.
Thanks again,
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jfikrat PRO kitkat16
@kitkat16, time frames on 4H and 8H are with same targets just 8H frams makes it easy to see where we heading

i advice you to devide you fund so that you buy with some and if it gets lower you buyback some more for cheaper price

this will ensure you dont loos or get under pressure while price is droping
+1 Phản hồi
@jfikrat, oh I see, so target isn't set for 4 hours from now and 8 hours from now? Just using those time charts?
Phản hồi
jfikrat PRO kitkat16
@kitkat16, Exactly :)
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