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Strat/Btc %600 Profit Opportunity

POLONIEX:STRATBTC   Stratis / Bitcoin
weak hands will get rekt
strong hands will get even more rekt
but real strong hands will get lambo's
your username makes me feel ill
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ripple10usd tylergriffsmith
@tylergriffsmith, i understand people who dont like ripple and i respect it. i know it sounds like a noob investor buys a coin with billion supply and dreams it to be like bitcoin. but hey i like my username. last year $1 each xrp was a joke, but we've witnessed $3 (it was a local bubble and i sold there) maybe in 2 years we can achieve it. investors from share market would prefer to invest in a central coin so it is possible imo.
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@ripple10usd, even with that price,it can't make me to respect ripple.
when you look at ripple from investing view it sounds great.
but from cryptocurrency view it's a total bullshit,an intruder.
people who don't like banks too keep their wealth again put their money in their hand.
by the way I like your Stratis analysis.
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ripple10usd ImpureRickSanchez
@ImpureRickSanchez, i understand the reason why you dislike xrp. i dont think banks will go anywhere anytime soon. crypto's are still in the early ages and they are not user friendly. my heart is with bitcoin but in reality i believe ripple will succeed
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