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One more indicator at which you should take a closer look

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Hello, guys!

In my articles, I offer my thoughts about trading ideas and different tools. Today I'll tell you about MACD indicator - an instrument that has to be known by every trader. Also, we will try to forecast the SYS             price movement by using MACD .

MACD allows to determine the direction of the current trend and also rate of change (momentum).

You have to know that MACD differs from other indicators because it doesn't have oversold/overbought zones and its scale is absolute not percentage as RSI's, for example.

This indicator consists of MACD line, a signal line, and histogram. If you are interested in the mathematical model of the indicator, you'll have to study it by the net. I'll tell only about its practical application. MACD line is based on 2 MAs and shows current trend. The signal line is MA that is built on values of MACD line. It gives an earlier signal of a trend change. The histogram shows the interaction between MACD line and signal line more clearly.

Use next signals of this indicator when trading:

1) The MACD line crosses zero level of indicator scale (upward cross is a signal to buy)
2) The MACD line crosses signal line (upward cross is a signal to buy)
So there is an upward cross of an upper MACD line and a signal line on the SYS             graph now: MACD gives the signal to buy. Monitor this graph for some time.

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