THCBTC About to Rise From Bottom ?

BITTREX:THCBTC   HempCoin / Bitcoin
Hello, As you can see on the chart, THC             was dipping for some time, is it over ? On 4h chart we can see RSI bounced up from 30, MACD Crossing, Hardfork coming 23 february. Major resistance in chart. Before it have to pass about 3300 Ichimoku cloud resistance. Please comment and share your ideas if you are more experienced trader I would like to learn something.
Buyzone : 2500-2600
Targets : 2900-3300-4000-5000-7000+
SL 10%

Be safe on your trades!
Bình luận: Clearly in next hours we can see cup and handle forming, and trend will be reversed. Good Luck
3200 as first Target is very easy , since the team has announced about the hard fork by the end of Jan
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@RamoZa, yes indeed, my target is after resistance area will be broken
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I feel like we are seeing more and more lower resistance trying to push it back up. Understandably all the Pump and Dump groups sold at the news, plus the news of a pushed back fork was taken fairly badly actually so we fell pretty hard, however there are still those who believe in the coin and actually have some patience, they will be the ones who end up making it back bigtime! Right now I'm personally just considering it a time to get in and get some more THC cheap!
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@zacharyd3, I bougt that dip, if we see next also will BTFD :) drugcoins will be huge in this year.
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