Tron at Potential Support and Declining with Low Volume


As you can see on the chart, Tron             has been declining with lower volume , lower than its past current rise, and declining as price gets lower. And it is currently sitting at the 20-day moving average. And that is after like a 65% decline from it’s high. In term of USD-dollars it has decline about 76%.

Looking at its declining volume and the potential price support that it is at, it seems like a great opportunity for an investor who is willing to wait a couple of weeks or months on it. I will be expecting it to break to new all-time highs above 0.00002 BTC             , which is about 3 to 1 its current price, and maybe a lot more. It could still decline a little bit more in the short term, but mid-term should be fine.

Will see, getting in now at about 0.000007 BTC             .

Good Luck to You
Bình luận: It is holding support near the 50 day moving average and the 78.6% fibonacci retracement.

Too much angry comments in here, but the coin has started to move up hard today, and it is now trading at the same price it was when I mention it here. Looking good, looking to make my money a few times over in this one.
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Could you elaborate on your reasons for thinking this? People seem to have lost faith in the project. FUD which it seems to have not recovered from. People are seeing Sun as full of empty promises, untrustworthy and from the looks of it, feel there’s nothing behind this coin anymore. So I’m curious to hear an alternative/positive opinion.
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@TheGush, I’m principally buying it for technical reasons. They say price is king and volume is the queen. And it has been declining with decreasing volume, which is bullish.

Fundamentally I like the project, smart contracts and the ability to host content over the web in a blockchain without YouTube, Google and other outlets censoring users and information. Maybe you should check out the project and tell us what you think, here is the link:
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MetLee TheGush
@TheGush, your claims are not true at all. You are just mad because you bought high. People actually still believe in this project and all the fud that was spread is now long gone. What is lef are people like you who think a coin is dead just because it had a dip and their blockfolio shows red. Gtfo of this project cry elsewhere.
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@MetLee, @TheGush read both your comments and TheGush has made observations that are repeated often. Hes not crying or mad but your comment clearly is emotional. The fud hasn't gone (I wish it had) .
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epitome RonaldTDump
@RonaldTDump, I agree, although I believe in the fundamentals of this coin, the fud is depressing. I hold a relative big amount in TRX (but small compared to my overall portfolio) and I got in at 760. With this one I am a hodler though, although it doesn't look good for maybe the next 2 weeks, the dedication of the team to the project makes me believe in the coin. On top of that I agree with MexCrypto about the bullish signals. Let's see.
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