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TRON is preparing for another 384% Gain

I DONT think this correction is over. I think we're getting a 3-3-5 Flat correction . It could also be a 5-3-5-3-5 ABCDE, which means that the correction just takes the form of a triangle and takes a little longer. We should glide across the 55 EMA and possible trade under it. REMEMBER, this is Satoshi!! Satoshi prices are highly manipulated, you could reach your target and never even realize because Bitcoin's price changed.

Target 1 is easy money. That's nearly a 300% gain. Just stay patient on this. It will happen. But I DOUBT this correction is done. It could take another week. If you're patient then you'll be rewarded.

Target 2 is where we would be if we just linearly progress though wave lengths. Target 3 is based on a fib level.

IF Tron keeps up the exponential growth. It could surpass all 3 targets to a great length. I'm almost just staying conservative here.
AGAIN, this is in Satoshi. So I'm just calling for a 384% gain from where the price is RIGHT NOW.
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I can't believe my eyes right now, but it LOOKS like Tron is almost done correcting. It's already squeezing and consolidating right now. It's not very likely that it breaks below this support line but it DEFINITELY can. Almost all signals look good so far, I'm just skeptical on the Daily MACD because isn't showing any form of leveling just yet.

Man I wish I could trade this coin. If you are in this trade, I wish you the best!
Bình luận:

So Tron is going to make a decision here. Lately, the whole market is affected just because of this bearish sentiment, likely revolving around South Korea. I don't know how long it will keep up, but it will probably consolidate until updates are made or people forget.

Anyways, Tron has lost a lot of that bullish momentum. If fell from support simply because of Bitcoin, and its currently in this triangle. If it breaks upwards, it has resistance at this levels and a failed breakout is not unlikely. But if it falls from this support, then it may be headed towards that bottom line.

Remember that my targets can take time to be hit. It would have to take something ridiculous to occur for these to never be met. But what is important is how we get there. I don't like waiting around for too long because the correction isn't near over. That's why I'm not even thinking about Cardano or XLM (XLM may see some forward momentum soon but it's not really gonna go anywhere) right now. This coin has lost a lot of that bullishness, but it still has some steam to get going. What happens in these next few days (or hours) is important.
Bình luận:

Alright, so as we see, we fell from the triangle and come to the support zone. And this correction is looking a whole lot more realistic! Am I bearish? No, not necessarily, I believe there is hope. But will it come overnight? Probably not. What I'm seeing is oversold conditions that appear to be forming the first half of a cup, to the cup and handle formation that we will probably see through wave 3 to 4.

Right now is not the time to accept the loss. The volume is low and there is no true push of bearishness from the market, the coin is just "forgotten," and people tend to forget a lot in the crypto-market. All it takes is a few green numbers and people will jump on the bandwagon.
Bình luận:

Here is another option that can lead the correction into a few more weeks.
Bình luận: This is why I hate BTC pairing. I had to find the price of Tron and do some calculations. What Tron just did was a .618 retrace of wave 3. Which is perfectly normal. The BTC pairing just alters the price due to whatever price BTC is at the time. Its very hard for me to predict patterns in BTC pairing, but what just happened, happens all the time. It could correct for weeks longer, but my targets are still on. The target 1 for wave 5 is at least 34 cents. But I have no idea what that will end up being in Satoshi.
Bình luận:

Always think of the worse case scenario guys and manage your risk!
still think it'll smack 0.00000876? i've been holding this a while but want to pick up more coins. you are the only one who is pessimistic in short term, but i like that. i think the crypto market is still in a downturn and/or trading sideways, so i think your chart has a lot of credence. cheers!
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Eball8 markoshust
@markoshust, Thank you ! But yes, The way the market is moving right now, I think we'll see a few coins that reach over 100% gains from those previous lows that we just witnessed. Tron is one of them. But I refused to be fooled by these bull traps. It's gonna take some SERIOUS fire-power for me to be convinced that this correctional period is over.
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FWIW something seems fishy with TRX. There are some big sell orders..even a 80 BTC at 080. Timing with news from Justin Sun as well. Just a heads up. Feel free to ignore.
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Eball8 behzadb
@behzadb, It can very well go lower!
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Thanks again man
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@JDiBs, No prob brotha
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Thanks for the update bro.
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do you have an update on this given the last few days of activity?
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Thank you! Bought some after seeing your analysis. Now waiting for the big jump. :)
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Apparently TRON is releasing some project info next week, perhaps the market is preparing for that.
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