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Tron TRX - Back Down To Square One

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Look out for this one.. I don't think the hype matches what the market will do with their money. Since TRX was built on pure hype; I think it returns back down to pre-hype prices.

It's a love & hate relationship. I like the CEO and team; I don't really like what the coin actually does. It's cheap.. but I think most of the market has gotten over that sparkling cheap price and will be going after anything green rather than sparkles for this January round.
nope its not :p
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Imo it will all depend on the new partnership announcement which is coming on the 14th of january if I'm not wrong.
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dragon matchgrip
@matchgrip, sure thing. January 14th is a longggg time away in crypto time. Could bottom by then and it be the reason why it goes up; rather than it being the reason why it doesn't go down first. Nawimean?
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Is that line you've drawn considered TA or just a feeling (even a broken clock is right twice a day)?
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dragon ReFL3kT
@ReFL3kT, lmao. Love the broken clock analogy.. it's a line drawn to give a visual of where I think it's going. Definitely not correlated to time or price in any way; a general direction.
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With new announcement about team members and partnerships the hype has only just begun. Honestly this coin has recently destroyed rumors so pre hype prices would be bounced off of pretty quick.
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dragon abardini
@abardini, it would bounce off quickly; agreed.
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