TRX - Break out possibility

As i'm writing this, it looks as if TRX             2.47% is gaining in volume (+6000BTC in one hour) and is already starting a bigger upward move then it has in the past 2 days.

Look at how tight the Bollinger bands are compressed up, and we're right at the bottom of our downward wedge .

We could quite easily stay moving sideways for a couple days, there no doubt that whales are helping keep price down.

First target is 1039 sats             at 50% fib, lets see if it can hold here then progress further upwards of 1200 possibly spiking at 50% fib and hopefully holding back around our 50% fib.

I also remind you that there's a press conference being live streamed from China and started 5 minutes ago.

What do you guys think? Always great to hear other opinions or anything you think I may have done wrong.
Summery from stream:

Stream stat: 33k, 700m+ viewed.
Summery: New staff, Main net details, improve on English, Japanese exchanges on the way, clear FUD new partnership with space innovated company next week! He mentions he has jet lag now being in US.
More exchanges coming in Japanese platform, he explains that they are very strict and takes a lot of time with process, but they have submitted all legal files!

Recruits: Senior developer confirmed from Alibaba , he also confirms that there will be more devs from baba.
New recruit in Korean market and also more English fluent profiles for the language barrier issues! Main NET schedule announce coming next week.

Justin repeats this weeks partnership with and confirms next weeks partnership with a space innovated company. Also introduces the new recruit which he mentioned in his tweet earlier today.
He also clears FUD about rumour of him selling his TRX
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Where's the live stream link?
Phản hồi
TheBRolla blvckmirror
@blvckmirror, its finished now, read my comment above.
Phản hồi
Link the live stream and thanks for the idea.
Phản hồi
TheBRolla abardini
@abardini, Its finished now, read above comment.
Phản hồi
abardini TheBRolla
@TheBRolla, thanks homie
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