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For all the TRX HODLERS

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I know we have a bunch of TRX bag holders in our group. I actually bought some back couple days ago. Probably a bit early but should be nothing for the profit it should bring in. We are currently finishing up wave 2 of the subwave 3. We actually broke out of a descending wedge , which should signal the start of this impulse wave up. From how TRX usually moves, it is going to be a real fast up and real fast down. I have target set at around 900~1000 satoshi level. In the long run I'm pretty sure we will retrace back to 2000satoshi (previous ATH ) level before the main net launch coming end of May, but It is going to be a violent up and down ride and this might be a good place to take some profit/loss. If market cycle goes in the direction that I'm drawing up, after hitting this high, it will retrace a decent amount before it's final 5th wave up. That should give plenty of time to buy back at lower prices.
Overall, I'm not a huge fan of TRX anymore due to its hype nature and looking to just make some profit to put into other lower marketcap projects that will yield much higher returns.
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