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TRX/BTC +137% target 0.00001294 ($0.20 USD) within 5-7 days

TRX I see a bullish pennant forming, leading to a +137% gain with a target of 0.00001294 BTC ($0.20 USD). Stop loss at 0.00000073 BTC .

This coin has done well for me over the past couple months, sometimes as much as 300% or more within a week.
Bình luận: 11 hours in and we're almost 50% to the target. I expect this run will exceed expectations, maybe 300% again instead of just 137%.

Bình luận: second position to open.. I expect a short pullback here, or more sideways action, but may continue upward another +116% tomorrow.

Bình luận: Just noticed my stop is way too deep on this one. Should be about 20%, not 40%. I was miscalculating based on the overall gain, not previous days gain.
Bình luận: Stop loss fixed.. should allow for approximately 61% fib retracement from the current top, then, bounce, flag and rally again for +116% tomorrow. We may go for a third step in this, for an overall +300% by Saturday, which will push us to about +600-700% for the week.

Bình luận: This is how tonight's retracement to the 61% fib line and bounce + rally tomorrow, should go. Get in at the bottom and maybe net an extra 10-15% above the 116% expected.
Bình luận: Bull flag or pennant? I want to catch this rally if it starts early. Looks like we may break out and continue here shortly. No sleep for me.. wait and see..

Bình luận: I'm not sure this is going to break out already, but if we break above 1200 sats, then it's buy time. 0.00001200 BTC is the place to enter, as it will be a new ATH. I thought this was done tonight, but maybe the 5am EST New York City boys are buying in this morning after waking up to +110% gains in 24 hours.

Bình luận: First target reach, new target extended. I believe this new target will push us up near +135% after the completion of this consolidation period and the slight retrace we've seen. No where to go but up!

Bình luận: As it goes in crypto: "Buy on the rumor, sell on the news"

Rumor has it that Tron will announce a partnership with a large retailer early next week. Maybe Sunday night for those of us in the US, this could mean a big monday morning rally.

The rumored retailer is Alibaba, or the equivalent of Amazon here in the US. It would be like Coinbase accepting XRP and Amazon accepting XRP.

I think it's entirely possible we may see +1000% for the 7 day period following the announcement. We've already seen similar weeks from Tron, although maybe not more than 900% in 7 days.

Bình luận

guys, a.shevelev002 is tracking this in real time right now. check out his analysis.
+2 Phản hồi
love this guy analysis
+1 Phản hồi
can i buy now or wating
+1 Phản hồi
fernie50 MohamedKaki
@MohamedKaki, why didnt you buy the dip an hour ago? You just lost out on 20 percent profit and counting
Phản hồi
Alibaba with Tron?! that means buy for monday :) Alibaba is almost bigger than Amazon ...
+1 Phản hồi
you are a fuck*ng Genius xD
+1 Phản hồi
within half day hhhhhhhhhhhhhh
you are good
+1 Phản hồi
TRX/BTC has been at 20 and 21 cents for days now and hasn't moved .... ??????
Phản hồi
Squarebear mattpizz98
@mattpizz98, no it was at 6-7 cents 2 days ago.
Phản hồi
any thoughts?
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