TRX to bleed more?

Hello Friends,

Here is my view on TRX             ,

Currently, it seems like support is holding the price. But volume is very low at support means people are not showing much interest. I dnot see a decent bounce from support which can give hope and gain momentum.

So, it would fall more.

I would watch the chart again with my alert setup when it breaks the triangle. I would be happy to buy on the breakout, but now with strict stoploss.

a close up view:
Bình luận: Bleeding continues. More sell on the break of the support around 740
Bình luận: Bleeding continues. Price would react at 640 levels and slowly head to 450
Bình luận: Bleeding continues. Price would react at 640 levels and slowly head to 450
Bình luận: Bleeding continues. Price would react at 640 levels and slowly head to 450

Price broke and reached 480 in Binance.

Watch the Doji formation on daily. That is the first sign and close above today's high is the second sign.
Bình luận: Telegram Channel :
Bình luận: 450 seems holding well.

Time to buy, break below 450 on panic, it may reach 220 levels.
Bình luận: here is the latest update, 450 holds well.

Bình luận: TRX took the support very well and returning to next levels.

Our guys bought it at 450 with target of 900, 1200, 1600, 1800 and much more.
Bình luận: We are more than 50% profit here. Right buy at 450 and above hold for more targets.
Bình luận: Target 1: 900 achieved. Means we had 100% gain.

follow me on TG for quick updates. We have said this on TG to buy.
Sir you have any idea why altcoin market goes down can more invest this time
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maheswar81 PRO vikashjordan345
@vikashjordan345, its trend, the Market sentiment is weak. Time to move out of altcoins slowly I think.
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@maheswar81, can invest now or wait
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maheswar81 PRO vikashjordan345
@vikashjordan345, I have posted my view. Decision is yours. I dnot promise it would go up after this.

But whoever bought at 480 --> 630 is 30% trade.
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IMHO the life cycle of this coin is near its end. Too much toxicity
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Definitely looks like the price hasn't reached its buying pressure bottom. I believe the market makers wants to see more low, probably more lower and an instantaneous jump to newer high. Its 721 now.. lower than yesterday and the day before I believe.
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looks like it broke the triangle, might be facing uptrend now?
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@kitkat16, th one hour triangle that is...
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