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TRX Mid-Term Potential (17x Potential)

TRX Mid-Term Potential (17x Potential)
please elaborate on your wave count. Your target for (1) is realistic, but Would Be followed by a larger (3) then a retracement back to test previous breakout levels.

Multiple trend based fib tools pulled out of a hat; mismatched to Elliott that look like they have been ironed by my nan.
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what is the reason for this?
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CzarnyM OmerKokcu
@OmerKokcu, nothing, just his imagination
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@CzarnyM, maybe you are unaware of Elliot Wave theory and Technical Analysis....but news does not drive price. He got to this thinking by counting the waves and sub waves of the price sentiment as reflected on the chart. here, directly from wiki - start with the basics. A correct Elliott wave count must observe three rules:

Wave 2 never retraces more than 100% of wave 1.
Wave 3 cannot be the shortest of the three impulse waves, namely waves 1, 3 and 5.
Wave 4 does not overlap with the price territory of wave 1, except in the rare case of a diagonal triangle formation.
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CzarnyM astoinis
@astoinis, thats really greta, but this chart even though is based on elliot wave is nothing more than wishfull thinking, btc will be dipping again and so will trx. Predicting a penny stock go so high as 9k satoshis in such short time is pure imagination
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@CzarnyM, YEAH im not saying i agree with the outcome - im explaining how they arrived to this conclusion
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mwolverine OmerKokcu
1) $TRX is working on creating a solid product. Seems to have a strong team.
2) We are in wave 2 - correction of wave 1 that went from approx 20 sat to 2000 sa - 100x return
3) My target for wave 3 (bolded number) is above 8000 sat. It may take a while.
4) I've placed my predictions for subwave 1 of wave 3.
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