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TRX, breakout next few days imminent

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We've seen a few potential breakouts in the past day or two. Every holder is waiting for the next bullish momentum. I am sure that this is going to be the case very soon. All the blue lines are support lines, if we're not possible to break the recistance we might see a pullback to the next support.The RSI will become more and more oversold hence, breakout will come closer. Once we break the recistance we might see a start for our bullish momentum. Good luck and happy trading.
Bình luận: If you would like more of these signals, don't hesitate to join my telegram :).
I think it will go a few days with sidewards trend. But i dont want to miss the next race and i bought quite early at 1050 so i will stay in this trade till it reaches 2000 sats minimum.
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@xyzj12, Same here!
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JeroenVandeVondel JeroenVandeVondel
@JeroenVandeVondel, Might only go up again by good news of tron itself
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xyzj12 JeroenVandeVondel
@JeroenVandeVondel, Now it just had the first biger green volume stick at 2h chart. lests see, I personally think it eventually take some time of even noumerus trys to break the HUGE resistances we have now. But we all know this can change fast.
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xyzj12 xyzj12
@xyzj12, It would e great if you open an telegram channel for discussing as well, this would it easier:)
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@xyzj12, I'll take a look on how I could create one!
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@xyzj12, I agree :)
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