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TRX. This is the same earlier chart that was blocked.


Although TRX gained important ground today to reassure us how strong this coin is, we are not out of the ditch yet. The rally today was a very important move to initiate an upper trend but we are still below our support target of around 760. we broke even though we reached that price, we couldn't maintain it. In order to see an ascending chanel, we need to stay above 650 and create support there.

At this point we are in danger of creating a double top and a reversal towards the 500s again.

Still think the best entry price is 750s on the way up and sell it at 900s and rebuy it at 750s again. If it stays above 900 keep it.
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: TRX moving well along the entry channel. 675 is a good price entry just a little weary. I will add mine at 700 once the small time frame charts confirm a more stable price movement.

Major resistance around 750-775 (could retrace to previous price levels of 600s)
1. 950
2. 1100
Bình luận: TRX new support is 675-690. ASSUMING CORRECTION IS DONE. good luck yall
Bình luận: To reach our 950 target we need to stay above 770 resistance. Almost there!!!
Bình luận: still room for more. Going through small correction
Bình luận: MY First sell target was reached at 935 1-18-18 around 6pm CT. Now I am waiting to rebuy it in the upper 600s. Second wave is coming and a chart update too. ;)
Bình luận: Picked up TRX at 690 again and here we go!!
Bình luận: TRX holding support pretty well although indicators show some rough times ahead but with Justin Sun announcement coming out, we will see some sudden changes.
More updates will come as price develops
Bình luận: TRX still holding its support levels. Breakout signal but it could also mean horizontal movement. Enjoy ;)
Bình luận: Enough of BTC, let's see what TRX is doing. So here is the possible breakdown.
Although we are still looking to get down to the 500s levels, TRX had a breakout earlier and has maintained its horizontal movement. We could be looking at a "Kilroy" reversal but we must first stay above 500s, break first resistance at 750s then break second resistance at 900s. take some profit at 900s as we did before :)
Sorry for the sloppy lines, this is only a preliminary study.

If you have benefitted from my Charts please consider supporting me.
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@ChartsOnTime buy price here..


said buy here..

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for more charts like mine and live second by second updates please contact me:D. and told you it was a pump sir.
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@sociopath, I was just told by one of my followers you are charging $250 a month for charts. Hahahaha. No wonder you got upset with me that my stats looks way better than your. It’s ok man, I won’t charge people for my charts. I will teach them to make their own, and it will be for free. Lol. God bless your greed haha
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sociopath ChartsOnTime
@ChartsOnTime, I charge a lot more than $250
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sociopath ChartsOnTime
@ChartsOnTime, and its not just one signal, its multiple;0
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@sociopath, nice. No I am not interest thank you. We are doing just fine ;)
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sociopath ChartsOnTime
@ChartsOnTime, please fix your english very bad. lol
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@sociopath, ser bilingüe es algo que todos quieren pero que pocos pueden. ;)
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adiver ChartsOnTime
@ChartsOnTime, nice one !
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@adiver, thanks. ;)
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