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[TRXETH]It is almost the time!


So same rule, if PA closes bellow yellow line close trade and wait for update later on. We are talking about 400 to 600% profit in a manner of 2 or 3 days. Some give it some time. But TODAY is a critical day as it touches a support lvl             . (redline).

Bình luận: Yellow line has moved by mistake I just saw it, it should be at 8073!!
when trx go to the moon :((((( , i sell all of altcoin and buy in 700sat , now in 687 :(:(:((((:((((
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@sh4hab, IDK man! tron is going thru hell right now. So much coming but no body is interested in... Especially now that cmc took off korean stats, people is getting scared. I told myself I will give them a chance until jan19th(18th is the release of their new website)and before the end of the month they release the roadmap with their new cooperation, sooo idk, you can hold as I do now, or release them, try to pick a good profit somewhere else and come back on it later.
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@sh4hab, BUT strictly business wise, they have something good on hands, so the price that is in right now ! is a blessing, a gift from God.But people Do not realise that yet.
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What are your thoughts now that it went through and is testing with selling?
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