Personally I hate trading the news, but when it comes to these periodic Trump-induced geopolitical rattles, these types of in-and-out trades can work as a brief portfolio hedge (IF timed correctly and at the right levels).

How certain am I of this working out in my favor?? 40/60.... as in 40% maybe 60% uncertain

BUT this is what I SEE versus what I EXPECT, hence I've placed reasonably priced stops in place.

Currently, 9.32-9.39 level has sustained a good few weeks of TVIX *support/demand. As it approaches that level again, we can also see SPX & SPY hitting recent levels of supply.

I set my original entry for 9.39 but of course, it broke through today and closed at 9.32... Stops are in place below 3/22's open (8.50) at 8.49. Price Target $11.93

*Though there appears to be a clear zone of support at 9.33-9.39, there have been a number of retracements to this level, which essentially fills more and more buy orders, until it's no longer a zone. Will see how tomorrow plays out.

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