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Whatsup Traders !

DannyG Here from The Alcove Fx. So like promised, I will try and post atleast an idea a day. Why not show our best performing pair of the week, with two more options for us to take.

I love these bracket patterns, because it gives me options to both sides. So if the market decides to spike up, we have the orders ready. If the market decides to stoop lower, We also have orders waiting for that too. So either way, we will get in the market. Its just a matter of what pattern and when.

For now, its not important to learn what the ratios are, because honestly, you will spend more time getting it wrong than actually learning anything. So what i would recommend is just watch how i trade them for a few weeks, and if you feel that you are catching the rhythm then we can go over some ratios.

until then, Good luck, good trading, talk to you guys soon,

This is a periscope session that I do live every Monday - Friday at 9pm CST/ 2am GMT on a Free Application called "Periscope"
We go over a variety of things in there, a good place for you to ask me any questions, and to get 1 on 1 interaction.

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