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dun dun dun...

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is this the minute we've been waiting for? is it going to finally break this channel :O

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How can you be different to other posts. I see many advising time to buy and you are telling time to sell.
What is the reason and logic. I am not telling you are wrong but we need to analyze it correctly.

When many are posting as it might rebound and what majority says does happen so can you give a clarification for this as we would see the reality in few days.

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Ryang71179 shafsworld
@shafsworld, Whos majority?
Majority of traders are wrong..
Only about 8 percent of traders are successful and if you followed her shes been right on for over a month..
You are clearly a noooobie..
Usually what everyone says the opposite happens.. smh. lol..
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Ryang71179 shafsworld
@shafsworld, And if you knew anything about reading charts you would have looked @ a daily and saw that it did exactly what the trend was doing.. Even in an uptrend it still has to go down.. It will hit its low and what?????? Amazingly go back uuuup!!
Good job jenn youve been right on...
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Đã xóa bình luận.
shafsworld Ryang71179
@Ryang71179, then don't follow me. Learn to respect.
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sniperfox84 shafsworld
@shafsworld, I agree with you... your not a noob ... you're being careful with the market....even my analysis shows its a buy...theres no way it will sell matter what..follow your own analysis...
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Ryang71179 sniperfox84
@sniperfox84, Theres no way?
Youre right 100% of the time?
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sniperfox84 Ryang71179
@Ryang71179, you-re right.... yet ..he is sharing his thought about what he think...thats up to us to decide to not follow or increase our winning by sharing ideas... right or wrong for sure will respect his and jennhong1992 ideas and your ideas too....coz for sure we can only forecast but its up to the market to go where ever the price wants to go... :)
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Ryang71179 sniperfox84
@sniperfox84, First of all my comments have nothing to do with jenn.. I dont even know her so please don't put my ideas and comments in the same context as her.. I can only speak for my self..
But when I read anyone claming theyre a 100% sure somone is wrong I know right off they Don't know much and havent been trading long.. There is no such thing as 100% sure an anything that has to do with forex...
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