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What made me become a better trader?!

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Hello traders,

Here's another educational post on the 4 phases of the markets.
It's extremely important to understand which phase of the markets your trading. For example, most traders might buy at lows and the entry point they have selected is perfect. However, they might bought in the Accumulation phase (stage 1) and you won't find much moment during this phase. What happens next? YOU SELL and eventually the markets starts going in the direction that you have predicted, but your not in the trade anymore! - This definitely happened to me and many traders..

This 4 phases logic applies to all time frames, however I strongly recommend to identify them in the following order:
1. Weekly
2. Daily
3. Hourly (4hrs, 1hr etc.)

Who is Richard Wyckoff?
The Wyckoff stock trading method evolved from an early start in a life that became completely engaged in the world of stock market trading. At fifteen years of age, Wyckoff was a Wall Street stock runner; and by 25 years of age, he had opened his own stock brokerage firm. Born in 1873, Wyckoff was influenced by traders such as J.P. Morgan, Charles Dow, Jay Gould, Andrew Carnegie and Jesse Livermore and eventually interviewed many of the famous traders. As a student of great mentors, Wyckoff learned about stock accumulation and distribution identification of large operators and other insights, which he eventually integrated into his own methodologies. For nearly 20 years, Wyckoff blessed the Wall Street community through his insightful publications in The Magazine of Wall Street.

- Abdulla

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as usual, very nice Abdulla and wish you all the best bro
Phản hồi
great , may you plz make anther examples i.e AUD or CHF ? in addition to more explanations ?
thanks .............
Phản hồi
@ananAh, Sure, I'll take a pair next time to illustrate and explain it in more details.
Phản hồi
You did a good summary.
Usually, I just pay attention to the accumulated trends!
But with your 4-step summary it will be simpler to identify a trend.

Thanks for sharing.
Phản hồi
AAlFadhala PRO Marlon_Okay
Thanks @Marlon_Okay !
Honestly, the accumulation stage is one of the most important stages I love identifying as after this stage you get a nice wave to the upside! Similar to the distribution stage too..
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