VEN/BTC buying opportunity coming up? Patience is key

BINANCE:VENBTC   VeChain / Bitcoin
Hi Guys

VECHAIN!!! No introduction needed. It had a very impressive growth the last couple of weeks. What I found most impressive is it's relative small correction during the BTC             dip to 9K last week. Most coins lost about 50-60% but not VECHAIN. I've done a bit of research and this coin really solves real world problems. I've been waiting for weeks for a decent correction and I think we might get one soon. There are multiple scenarios tho. Will it form a head and shoulders? Will it correct to its previous correction? I have to admit its pretty hard to do a TA on a coin thats just been on the market and has very little to show except its exceptional growth on a short time span... knowing this growth took place when other coins were already in a correction phase. Does VECHAIN lead an independent life from BTC?

My buy plan will be 50/30/20. On the first support I'll buy 50% of my budget, on the second 30% and I'll save 20% for unforeseen lows it might get to.

Good luck!

TA über alles.
You'll miss the boat with those entries.
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DeepseaDom JordanCook
@JordanCook, Too bad then :)
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