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on the 3rd of feb the EMA lines intersected and we had a nice spike, from the looks of it it looks as though they might crossover again and we could see the potential for some gains over the next few days.

we also have a low RSI at just 6 above being oversold which is a good sign

over the 10 day period we are forming a triangle that we could break out of at around the same time our EMA's intersect.

there are are multiple indicators that VIBE could breakout soon, but also they stated yesterday on twitter that they have many deals in the process of being finalized. as we know news runs the market so depending on how big the announcements we could see very large price increase in VIBE. Also VIBE is a great company with groundbreaking research and products that will come to fruition within this year.

if you have any feedback i would love to hear it either in the comments or PM.

Thank You, Caleb Butts
fuck, I bought this at 12k
Phản hồi
ennnnnnzo RosenMaggi
@RosenMaggi, haha i bought it there as well, just hoping for it to rocket up again.
Phản hồi
calebbutts22 ennnnnnzo
@ennnnnnzo, @rosenmaggi, we will definitely get there again and if you want a long term hold i believe VIBE will get well past that this year
Phản hồi
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