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$VIBE - Accumulating - Open Long Trades

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I like this VIBE/BTC chart a lot right now. It's great when you can get in when a coin's accumulating & ride it to a nice profit without having to worry about too much downward selling pressure. This is a good time to open up, start a position & wait for the breakout. We can say from the RSI , DMI & MACD that strength is increasing which should push the price up for some nice gains. The dashed lines are profit targets depending on what time frame you want to trade. I think it's always good to take some profits when they are there so you can average down your entry price. If you want to try to play the swings there will probably be some bounces off these lines. My strategy for this trade will be to hold until we see some of the more violent movement because that's what it's building towards, & charts with a short history like this one are harder to predict the swings. Will update when we see some action.

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Bình luận: Saw a small bump from the TA & then price continued downward. Charts in this accumulation stage can be volatile like this & there's not the history to rely on for TA which is why it's always best to scale into trades like this & have patience while it finds solid support levels. Watch for breakout & improve your position as the chart progresses.

Giao dịch đang hoạt động: The major BTC pullback we just saw didn't do us any favors here. Hopefully you were accumulating & averaging down as the price fell. Vibe looks like it has its feet under it again so we should see price move up.

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Might be a surprisingly good pick for you. I think it can do 80 percent here in short order .
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llywellyn Supertraderboy
@Supertraderboy, hey! that sounds a little back-handed :/
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@llywellyn, If there was a comma in front of the word you it would be. But there isnt. I dont even know you as a person. You are worried about it going down I think it could do between 100 and 200 percent quick . You think it could possibly have down pressure if it wasnt so low . 100 percent would be a surprise.
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llywellyn Supertraderboy
@Supertraderboy, just kidding man. just brought back memories of childhood that's all... :) jk to that also-

I agree tho. I'm expecting a nice run & am going to ride it out.
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I've been watching this one too. Would appreciate any updates...
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