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Bullish descending wedge

After we have seen some cooling down on most of the cannabis stocks I think we are about to see some upward movement again.
A nice descending wedge has been formed with 3 points of good support at 30CAD. For me this might be the sign the wedge is bullish and we will see upward momentum again as soon as the resistance breaks. In the upcoming days you might see some more testing on the support and resistance levels before this happens.

I'm learning. Please let me know what you think!
I like the testing the support and resistance theory it makes sense, although I believe a lot of the speculation and hype has diminished and may not amount to be what it was early this year, we'll see. I'd be tempted to expect bullish but on the other hand most people in it for a quick cash have already sold out and may or may not risk their money twice. Just a thought.
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brunskovic ArcherMat
@ArcherMat, Thanks for sharing and feedback.
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