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Healthy and Growing, buy Walton (WTC/BTC)

BINANCE:WTCBTC   Walton / Bitcoin
Expanding on this opportunity for WTC . I am pleased that this idea is panning out nicely. From my chart yesterday, WTC rose with great bullish power, bounding to several new all time highs before the bears gained control around 0.00335. Experienced a healthy correction overnight and now appears set for another run today. Looking at the 1 hour charts here with this idea, WTC looking to reverse trend now and move back up. I recommend buying WTC now and holding over the weekend to ensure you do not miss the news on Sunday.

Indicators used:
- Support levels appear to be holding strong at ~0.0030 (more accurately at 0.00295) as predicted yesterday
- 1 hour charts confirm bearish energy is used up and reversing downtrend
- Currently in oversold conditions - signaling bulls time to return

- We may see another period of retraction or consolidation before rising to new all time highs, set your stop loss at 0.0027 if buying in now.
- I am very confident in this buy long term, I do not see WTC going this low ever again.
Bình luận: Looks like some consolidation happening as is moved into a laterally. This trade is still a go.
What do you think will happen with the rebrand?
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AliKuru atompettyfan
@atompettyfan, i am afraid that what if it is at top :(
Phản hồi
@AliKuru, This product has not even started its genesis block. The team is put together well and they offer a solid product. They have not even entered their marketing phase - all of this not even considering market cap. Do some research into Walton and make your own decision. This is definitely not the top.
Phản hồi
From_Bandai atompettyfan
@atompettyfan, I wouldnt expect much of an increase from the news, anything beyond that is wishful thinking.
Phản hồi
Great analysis. Thanks. Will be watching for potential updates
Phản hồi
@Teruss2, thank you, I will post an updated chart tomorrow morning
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