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The beginning of the journey

Hi, the story start today at the bottom of silver price.
This will be a long and epic journey to a new monetary system.

We are going to invest everything against fiat money and fiat cryptocurrency.
The 'anything pretends to be money' will always found their ultimate enemy in gold / silver .
Silver has the best risk / reward ratio when everything return to fair value.

For those who bought over 30$ in 2013, i want to say something.
It's not because you've been wrong, you're analysis was so correct. They know that too.
This is why they annihilated / destroyed / raped you so much.

I'll continue to buy when the price will be higher than 100$.
The debt is impossible to repay. And it's worldwide.
The USD is on the same road than the Venezuelan bolivar.

The manipulation was so great that it produced a 50 years 'cup and handle' pattern.
The price is so low that we have a big silver deficit each years and we are close to the mining cost.
If the price drop, some mines with higher cost will close and the supply will drop.

Bình luận: There is a buy setup on lower time frame if you want an entry in this trade.
Bình luận: Another buy setup confirmed on 1h if you need a good entry
Bình luận: The breakout on the last buy setup didn't happened. Im hedging my position, the stop loss will be the breakout of that buy setup.
Bình luận: My last update set a silver drop to at least 16.73 from 17.07.
We are now at the bottom of the correction like i espected.
Really nice buying setup for next week.
Bình luận: Nice buy setup again from this point today.
Excellent! Very accurate. Its' really happening.
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@Tara, lol i know its not common on tradingview :)
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