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XAU/USD (GOLD) "A possible/probable safe haven for your money"..

FX_IDC:XAUUSD   Vàng / Đô la Mỹ
Hi guys!

Hope you are all doing well, having profitable trades and hold focus while most markets are crashing. (Crypto, Stocks,..)

This post for today is one that I think is very important for you guys to know..
We know that each and everyone who's investing in all kinds of markets is doing it to make profits, go home, live well and enjoy their gains,..

Unfortunatly, that is not the case for everyone, everytime...

Well,... what my point is here is that in times of bear markets you want to find your safe haven to store your portfolio.
And guess what? It's gold!

1. Gold has been here for centuries, never failed, and is undervalued! ( silver is even more undervalued, but that's for another post).
2. iGold ( XAU ) is in an uptrend.
3. stocks are failing (which I will post later on). ( spx500 , dji,...)

Stock markets are crashing, and they are going to crash a lot more! All indicators are telling us so.
Cryptocurrencies aren't doing well, but gold keeps a nice hold in its ascending wedge .
The people who are paying attention, see that there is something big coming, bitcoin is gaining a lot of attention (which makes people think about other possibilities to hold "money" or "value" in life.
FIAT currencies (and specially USD) are failing due to that fact.

Gold , silver and some cryptocurrencies are what you need to consider buying right now because 2018 might be strike nr3 after the crash of 2000 and 2008!
A next generation financial crisis is aproaching us and if it hits, it will hit hard! This MIGHT be followed by a switch in the monetary system as we know it as of today...

consider it, think about it.

For all people who hold and like to hold some more GOLD: If we don't break ascending support (next few weeks), you have yourself a nice bargain :).

Trade: ( for those who trading futures )
Buy @ USD $1400
SL @ 1330
TP @ 1750

the 2.5 year downtrend channel was broken and we are now aproachng the end of an ascending wedge pattern.

This was something we wanted to share with you guys, please tell us if you don't agree and let us know what you think..


Profitable regard,
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