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GOLD / Transition / Constructive Review

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Hello guys!

I want to make this Saturday Idea and let you know a lot of things, so you know whats going on!

First of all We had a fantastic week, and it is because of new discovery with JAFR and so Called Transition levels.
Transition Levels are Contants when special formula is divided by couple pivot numbers. Transitions are always reached and using transitions you can always get out at BE if the trade turns out to be bad.
Because when transitions are broken market always come back to reach them. I still am doing more research but I think I am done with that.

I want you to join me live on Periscope Sunday 2 hours before market open. We have a fantastic buy opportunity based on Transitions, and I will explain you how Transitions work in depth, because by the end of this year my old created softwares that work on Transitions and based on JAFR will be given to you, to those who support me, so you will be able to trade Gold like a boss.
The reason is that I have discovered something more powerful and more advanced , and approx by the end of the year new JAFR software will be released, so I don't mind give you guys my old powerful tools for Gold trading, that will also include Transitions, so you will already be ready for work with them.

Next week we will be working only on Transitions, I will do higher risk trades because Transitions always let you get out at BE, you saw great example on Friday when we had bad buy position and market come back.
It is little bit tricky to understand when Transition will be broken and when it will be not, but like I said I am done with my research and all will be good.

I want you to please leave a comment under this Idea, with your thoughts, opinions so far, what you like what you don't like, maybe you want to ask me something, I will answer it all because this weekend I am spending my time to new softwares and analysis so I am at PC all time.

Periscope is free SmartPhone app that you can download so you can join Sunday before market opening where we look at transitions and where to take our first trade! What I can say for sure is that it will be a buy trade from approx 1247, we have great levels come together to give this opportunity.

Maximum Respect to you all you are great warriors!
And remember, Patience is the key virtue of good investors.
Bình luận: I updated my signature with new video link Get Gold Trading Software. You can check the rules, and hope to see you on board, so we can change something not only for ourselves in this World! ;)
Bình luận: Periscope Live gold analysis today 2 hours before forex open hours. I will show you an exampe of Transition behaviour, and how we would be in that big October 4 move if Only I would discover Transitions earlier! As well trading plan for Monday!
Bình luận: Those who still don't understand what is Periscope! You can do simple google search.

If you use Periscope on mobile phone, you can follow me and get notified every time I go live. Click search button, tap PEOPLE and type in my periscope name.

You can use Periscope on PC too, only thing is that by using PC you will find me by name only when I am live, you cannot follow from PC.

Simple guys! Cheers.!
Bình luận: Going Live in couple minutes.!
Hi, I'm just new on Gold trading and follow you for a week, pleasure to follow you and hope I can learn from you especially on transition.

I will be at the place with slow internet connection for a week, hope can review back on YouTube.

Phản hồi
TheZabisyu sarot.chanto
Sure! Thanks! ;)
Phản hồi
pleasure to follow you , ill see you tomorow @periscope
Phản hồi
Thanks man! Peace!
Phản hồi
Hi TP, thanks for sharing all your work with us! I really appreciate your fast responses and frequent updates.

I just have a couple of questions. What does BE stand for? When you say "Transitions always let you get out at BE, "
Wonder if you did Periscope for Yellen's speech the other day. I couldn't find you on periscope for it, so just want to see if I had a problem finding your channel on periscope ;)
Phản hồi
TheZabisyu lluriel
Hey man.
No problem, my pleasure!

BE - Break Even.
And I was live during Yellen Speech, and we took the trade.
It's a problem on your side then, look for paradigmgold not tp paradigma

Phản hồi
koatech lluriel
BE=Break even.
+1 Phản hồi
wanted to ask you what are you trading exactly? you buy gold directly or ETF ..
Phản hồi
Phản hồi
jolu TheZabisyu
it doesnt require a minimum high amount to trade gold directly? and also the moves are really small,so it is not big gains doesn't it?
(last buy XAU on your platform thats it?)

Thank you very much for sharing!!
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